Why do cats hate water?

Cats are known to hate water. Fortunately, bathing a cat is rarely necessary. But have you ever wondered why they hate water so much? There are likely behavioral and possibly biological reasons for this.

Some cats like water!

Cats are fun creatures, some of them like water! It’s not uncommon for some owners to mention their cat’s affinity for her. The splashing and beating of the jets of water probably has more to do with the play of light. and the brightness of the water than anything else. Some cat breeds are known to love to swim, such as the Turkish Van, which is nicknamed “the swimming cat” for this reason.

3 Reasons why most cats don’t like water

  1. In terms of behavior, cats are generally less tolerant of change and new experiences than dogs, for example. A cat that has never been exposed to water probably won’t like the feeling of water soaking their body. Water, as a kitten can take it better.
  2. Cats are also very demanding creatures. They spend a lot of time grooming themselves and probably aren’t a big fan of having anything in their coat that doesn’t smell “normal”. In her eyes you create more work for her by bathing her.
  3. There are probably biological reasons as well. Although many cats love the taste of fish, historically they are not sea or river dwellers. Domestic cats are descendants of cats that typically live in dry, arid areas. They never learned to swim because there was no evolutionary need for it. This behavior, or lack thereof, has continued in our modern cats.

For these reasons, never force your cat to swim if they don’t like it.

Tips if you need to bathe a cat:

Bathing cats is rarely necessary. If your cat needs a bath for medical reasons, or if she’s gotten too dirty for any reason, there are a few ways to make it a little less stressful. Fill the tub first, the sound and splash of running water will make things worse. Cover the tub with a folded towel (which will of course get wet) so they feel like they have something to hold on to. A slippery tub floor also causes more stress for the cat. Use a container to gently pour out the water instead of using a faucet. Finally, be very careful around your face and eyes!