Tibetan Mastiff Guide & Info

Height: twenty six inches (male), twenty four inches (female)
Weight: ninety – a hundred and fifty pounds (male), seventy – a hundred and twenty pounds (female)
Lifespan: ten – twelve years
Colors: Red-gold, brown, black and tan, black, blue-gray, red gold sable, blue-gray and tan, brown and tan, blue-gray and tan
Appropriate for: knowledgeable dog owners, families while not young children, other dogs of the Alternative sex, individuals wanting an inside watchdog
Temperament: Independent, intelligent, territorial, reserved, calm, stubborn, dedicated to family

Tibetan Mastiffs are purebred dogs that are powerful and massive, creating them glorious for protection. The males stand twenty six inches and might weigh up to one hundred fifty pounds. consistent with one in every of the few historical documents concerning Sitsangan Mastiffs, these ancient dogs originated in Tibet around 1,100 BC. They were bred as guard dogs and watchdogs to guard the placental mammal and property of the Tibetan villagers and nomads within the Himalayas. Their look is totally different from the other dog, with their lion-like manes and double-coated, dense fur.

Don’t let their giant size fool you in terms of agility; they are light-weight on their feet and can be fast to defend their home if a threat arises. they’re very smart however will be stubborn with reference to training. they’re additionally loyal dogs to their humans. Keep reading to search out out the specifics of this ancient and mammoth breed of dog.

Before You Buy a Tibetan Mastiff Puppie

Keep in mind that the lovable very little Tibetan puppy can grow to a colossal size once it reaches adulthood. The males will weigh up to a hundred and fifty pounds, therefore be ready to own a canine appreciate the scale of another human living with you. If you’re searching for a watchdog, this breed is deserve a look. If you reside in an apartment, this breed isn’t for you because of its giant size.

How much do Tibetan Mastiff puppies cost?

Tibetan Mastiff puppies are extremely rare and difficult to find in the United States, but if you do find one, you can expect to pay anywhere from $1,500 to $5,000. Due to their rarity, they are very expensive. To put it in perspective, they are considered the most expensive dog breed in the world.

Things You Should Know If You Own a Tibetan Mastiff:

Feeding and Dietary Requirements

Surprisingly, given their massive size, the Tibetan Mastiff doesn’t eat as much as one might think. They thrive on 4-5 cups of quality kibble divided into two meals a day. Some experts believe  their history of living in Tibet, where food was scarce, means they can handle smaller rations. Puppies require more food on a daily basis, about 3 meals a day.


Tibetan Mastiffs do not require a lot of exercise. Still, they need moderate exercise on a daily basis, usually in the form of roaming their territory or some other type of stewardship. They’re part of the task force, so they’re not dogs playing fetch; rather, they content themselves with work-related tasks. Walking your Tibetan Mastiff twice a day is also great exercise. Because the Tibetan Mastiff is territorial, be sure to change route frequently to keep them from becoming protective. They must be tied at all times to ensure safety. It’s also great to have a fenced yard so they can roam freely.


These dogs are intelligent however are often on the stubborn facet once it involves ancient ways of coaching. they’re not treat-driven and can ignore commands they feel they already apprehend as a result of they’ll feel there’s no have to be compelled to repeat them. They learn quickly, but some are proverbial to try and do well throughout a training class, solely to fully ignore identical commands from their owner once at home.

they’re freelance and should feel they are doing not want steering from you. they will bond with their humans, but that doesn’t mean they will perpetually adjust you.

owing to their freelance nature, patience throughout coaching are going to be a necessity on your end. Nonetheless, if they respect and trust their owner, they’ll be somewhat obedient, kind a robust bond, and shield you with their life.

Final Thoughts

whereas this breed is a wonderful watchdog, they’re not for everyone. One should have a firm grasp on coaching these dogs, and that they aren’t appropriate for first-time dog owners. they’re independent, territorial, calm (unless provoked), reserved, and robust-willed. they are doing well with alternative pets if liberal early on, and they kind strong bonds with their members of the family once they trust you. Obedience training is crucial thanks to their stubbornness and sensitive side, however with patience, perseverance, and devotion, a mastiff will bring an amazing quantity of security to your home, as well as loyalty and love.