How dogs Can Save Your Life?

Impressive! But there are more reasons to love dogs than their obvious cuteness factor; In fact, owning a dog can have some health benefits that you might not have known about.

1: They make you happy and also reduce stress and anxiety. Studies have shown that dogs are so in tune with their owners’ emotions that they it can even mimic your behavior (like yawning!). But they’re also great for elevating your mood and reducing sadness. antidepressants

2: You can possibly sniff out cancer. Dog noses are much, much more sensitive than ours, to the point that some of them can even smell cancer cells! Some studies involving people with lung or breast cancer found that puppies can distinguish biochemical markers of cancer simply by sniffing another person’s breath.

3: They can help detect low blood sugar in their owners’ diabetics Again, dogs can use their keen sense of smell to detect fluctuations in blood sugar and alert their
owners that it’s time to inject insulin.

4: You can improve your heart health. Dog owners tend to exercise more than people without dogs; After all, our four-legged friends need their daily walks! It has also been found that people with dogs have lower blood pressure; Also, owners of dogs with heart problems seem to live longer than people with the same heart problems, but not dogs.