Dog Cooling Jackets

What you do not know about dog cooling products places your pet at risk for heat difficulties and discomfort. Via thermoregulating technology, dog cooling jackets and cooling pet beds aid in your dog’s safety and comfort, and are available at very reasonable cost. Dog cooling beds, jackets and other technologically advanced products protect your pet from heat exhaustion and heat stroke.

Your dog has a fur coat. Summer days can be annoyingly uncomfortable for your canine.

People do not realize how many dogs and pets suffer the ravages of heat stroke, including brain damage and death. Dogs that spend a lot of time outdoors are most at risk and that includes light activity or doing nothing. Thermoregulating technology in dog cooling jackets or a cooling dog bed surface can have far reaching benefits for the health and well being of your canine. Leaving your dog outdoors without shelter exposes your dog to heat stroke, and is just as dangerous as leaving it inside a hot car. But, your dog will enjoy longer outdoor time and activity in greater comfort with a cooling jacket. The Cool K-9 dog cooling jacket provides much needed protection on hot days against dangerous health issues associated with overheating. Be sure your dog is not left in a cage in the hot sun, on a chain in the backyard, or outdoors in a run without sufficient shade or air circulation.

Brachiocephalic (pug-nosed) dogs are more susceptible to heat discomfort and heat stroke because their nasal passages are smaller and more difficult for them to circulate sufficient air for cooling. Overweight dogs are also more prone to heat stroke because extra layers of fat act as insulation, trapping heat in their bodies, restricting breathing.
Age is a factor in a dog’s tendency to overheat and suffer heat stroke. Puppies may not have fully developed temperature regulating systems, and older dogs’ organ systems may not function at peak levels. All reasons to take advantage of the wonderful dog cooling jacket and bed technology.

The dog cooling jacket is a powerful tool against the dangers of heat stroke.

The Cool K-9 dog cooling jacket works through water-absorbing, cross-linked polymers sewn into supplex fabric. Just soak the dog cooling jacket thoroughly with water. After submerging the dog cooling jacket for just a few minutes, high technology crystals absorb enough to keep the evaporative process going for up to several days. Even when fully soaked, the dog cooling jacket holds the water, and will help your pet fight off heat exhaustion and stay comfortable on hot days, while keeping your dog cool and dry. This wonderful technologically advanced dog cooling jacket can be charged over and over. When the season turns to winter, the dry jacket becomes an insulating jacket, shielding against cold.

The dog cooling jacket acts as a perspiration system by absorbing heat from your canine’s body, then allows the heat to dissipate into the air by the natural evaporative process.

Instead of just panting and sweating through the pads of its paws, your dog is now able to remove the heat from its body faster and more efficiently than without a dog cooling jacket. The Cool K-9 dog cooling jacket is an all-year-round safety device, applauded by dog lovers, hikers, sportsman walkers, runners, and hunters, who want protection for their dogs. The Cool K-9 is also reflective, to make your dog more visible at night. Check out the new, revolutionary dog cooling jacket today. Your dog will love you for it.