About Us

Our mission at Collide NYC is to make your life and the lives of your pets easier and more enjoyable

We love all animals big and small, and we think all of our furry, feathered, and fluffy friends deserve the best!

Who We Are

We are an international team of pet and animal lovers and enthusiasts who believe our animal friends (furry, feathered, scales, or anything in between) deserve the best.

Our writing team includes practicing veterinarians, veterinary technicians, trainers who specialize in animal psychology, and people who are passionate about the welfare of animals, large and small.

We offer practical and helpful advice – backed by research and science – and source the research data we find to ensure you always have the best and most accurate information and knowledge. We cover topics such as nutrition, safety, equipment, and behavior on pets of all sizes, from hamsters to horses.

Our goals

  1. Help you and the animals around you to live a better life
  2. Answer your questions about pet equipment, feeding, safety, behavior and anything else pet related
  3. List text provides you with the latest pet information backed by real research and science
  4. Help you solve your pet’s problems
  5. Helps you find the right equipment for you and your pet
  6. Keep your pets healthy with the latest research and scientifically backed information on food, diet and nutrition
  7. Make your pets happy inside and out with our grooming and training tips
  8. Inspire you to be the best pet parent you can be with interesting articles about pets and common pet problems