About Us

Our Mission

Collide is a faith-based program that provides assistance to the transient community of the East Village/LES by providing food and medical care to the companion animals of the homeless youth and travelers. We work through Graffiti Church, seeking to share God’s love in a practical way and affirm the worth of people and animals who call the streets home. At Collide, we recognize the critical role companion animals play in the overall well-being of their owners.
Often, these pets serve as their handler’s sole source of emotional support, stability, and unconditional love. We believe these companion animals help promote responsibility and act as social catalysts for interactions with other people and resources and are the key motivation for success in their owners. We strive to offer an improved quality of life to both pet and person.


Here at Collide we are inspired by God’s command to love others. We are motivated by our belief in Jesus and His teachings to help and serve the underserved – both the two and four legged. Our services are offered to animals in need, regardless of their owner’s faith or beliefs.
Graffiti Community Ministries is the service arm of Graffiti Church, which has operated in the LES for over 30 years. Together we provide worship, shelter, advocacy services, hunger relief, and educational assistance to residents and those passing through.

Who We Are

Heidi Powers-Director
Dr. Amy Kantor-V.M.D.
Jeff Latzer-Development
Sabrina Paige-Design
Ali Martin – Client Liaison

Advisory Board
Kareem Goubran-Director Adult Ministries, LMSW
Susan Field-Accountability
Amy McCranie-Accounting
Sandra Defeo-Humane Society of New York
Jenny Coffey-Mayor’s Alliance for Animals

Janice Barnard-ARL Pittsburgh
Dr. Njeri Cruse, BVMS MRCVS
Kelly Nadel-The Bully Project
Joyce Friedman-HSUS Pet Help Partners
(formerly HSUS Pets for Life NYC)