5 interesting facts about horses

Australian known. Original public domain image from Wikimedia Commons
  1. Horses Cannot Breathe Through Their Mouths. Horses are “compulsory nasal breathers,” meaning they can only breathe through their noses, not through their mouths like humans.
  2. Horses can sleep standing up. Horses have what is called a “suspensory apparatus,” a system of tendons and ligaments that allows the horse to lock its legs so they can relax without falling off. When not sleeping, horses also use this device to rest while standing for long periods of time to keep them from tiring. This allows them to conserve energy when standing up so they can take off when needed. But it’s a myth that horses never lie down; amount of time each daylaying down for deeper sleep.
  3. Horses have lightning fast reflexes. Should a situation arise in which they must fight, they can go from standing still to a powerful kick in just 0.3 seconds, while the human reaction time is 1.6 seconds.
  4. Horses have 10 different muscles in their ears. This allows them to rotate almost 180 degrees and move independently of each other. Humans only have three muscles in their ears.
  5. Horses have a field of vision of almost 360 degrees. This is due to the position of the eyes on the sides of the head. However, they have two blind spots: one directly behind them and the other directly in front of and under their noses. it means they can’t see the grass they eat or the carrot you feed them! to eat.