5 Best Goldfish Treats

Many inexperienced goldfish owners think of their fish as pets that they need to simply feed once or twice a day and that’s it. But, in reality, goldfish require much more care and need to be fed the right foods and treats to keep them happy and healthy in their little goldfish world.

If you’ve recently purchased your first goldfish, you’re probably a little overwhelmed by the wide variety of choices for treats to give them.

In this buying guide, we’ll give you a few of what we consider to be the best goldfish treats on the market in 2021 along with reviews to help you make the right choice for your goldfish friend.

The 5 Best Treats Your Goldfish Will love

1.Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treat – Best Overall

In our opinion, the best overall goldfish treat to feed your goldfish is Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treats. Not only is this a fun and healthy treat for your goldfish, but this farm treat is also a way to keep your fish engaged. Since the worm farm contains live worms, your fish will need to catch them to eat them.

This treat can be used for more than treating your goldfish, however. In fact, the treats have been used as fish bait and given to birds and reptiles as treats as well. If you want to keep these treats on hand all the time, then take a package of Uncle Jim’s and start your own worm farm with it. It’s important to note since this is live food, there are some restrictions, and these aren’t sold in Hawaii.

On the healthy side of things, these worms are chock full of protein, which makes them a great treat for your young goldfish, or if you’re breeding fish also. However, if you have young fish, it might be best to cut these red worms into bite-sized portions for their safety.

2.Tetra Baby Shrimp – Best Value

The best goldfish treat for the money, in our opinion, is Tetra Baby Shrimp. You won’t find any fillers or ingredients that aren’t good for your goldfish in this treat. Instead, it features one signal ingredient, and that’s shrimp. This treat breaks down to having 45% protein, 6% fiber, and 6% fat, making it super healthy for your pet.

Another great thing about this treat is that you can give it to freshwater and saltwater fish, meaning if you have goldfish in one tank and other fish in another tank, this treat can be used for both, making it the best treat on our list for value.

While it can be a great source of treats for breeding fish, is excellent for fish that enjoy floating food, and is recommended for small breeds of fish at every lift stage, it’s not recommended as a portion of food you feed them daily.

3.Omega One Freeze-Dried Worms – Premium Choice

If you’re looking for a goldfish treat that is extremely high in protein, then the Omega One Freeze-Dried Worms fit the bill. The worms are freeze-dried to lock in flavor and to keep out any bacteria or parasites that might be lurking, ready to make your fish sick.

This treat is also good for other freshwater fish and is perfect if you’re a breeder. It’s 5% fiber, 3% fat, and 55% protein, which makes it great for helping to maintain the brilliant colors of your fish. However, this food is not recommended for daily feeding, so only give it as a treat one to three times a week. You can choose from two canister sizes for the best value, and the freeze-dried texture makes this the perfect treat for fish who like floating or sinking foods.

4.Aqueon Goldfish Food Granules

If you’re looking for a goldfish treat that’s a food as well, then Aqueon Goldfish Food Granules can help with that. All the ingredients and nutrients are natural, meaning it’s good for your fish, and the food is formulated so that it creates less waste while drawing your fish to eat it, which is healthier for them.

This item also works with your water instead of against it, so the water doesn’t cloud as your fish eats. So, if you’re looking for goldfish food that your fish will consider a treat, then this is the one.

5.Tetra River Shrimp

Last but not least on our list of yummy treats for your goldfish is Omega One Freeze-Dried Worms. This protein-rich fish food is designed for medium-sized breeds of fish. Since river shrimp is the only ingredient in this treat, you can be sure it’s healthy for your fish and doesn’t have a ton of fillers added.

It’s an inexpensive treat to give your goldfish and contains over 60% protein, making it a protein-rich food that they’ll enjoy. Since there is a high percentage of carotene in these flakes, it’s a great way to improve your fish’s color, on top of being a great way to feed your fish roughage.

While it is an excellent idea for an occasional treat, it’s for medium-sized fish. So, if you have a small breed of fish, make sure to break the shrimp so it’s easier for them to eat and digest since it’s easy to break apart.


This concludes our reviews on the five yummiest treats for your goldfish. The best overall, in our opinion, is Uncle Jim’s Worm Farm Treat because it provides live food with something to keep your goldfish active while they eat. Our top choice for the best value is Tetra Baby Shrimp because it’s so cost-effective and can be used for both freshwater and saltwater fish, meaning you spend less but get more.

Third, but not least, is our pick for premium choice, Omega One’s Freeze-dried worms. With 55% protein content, and the ability to order in two different sizes, it’s no wonder this goldfish treat made it into the top three in our list. If you’re new to keeping goldfish or just overwhelmed with the options for goldfish treats, these reviews should help you make an educated final decision.